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I am a friendly and enthusiastic artist, aiming to deliver innovative and concise solutions to any brief. I strive for quality with each project. I understand that every client has different requirements which I endeavor to make my priority. Each project is methodically planned. I pre-empt most problems, allowing me to work efficiently. My work is bold and inventive and my subject matter broad. I frequently combine other disciplines with photography. I believe that this leads to a more unique and flexible creative voice.

I graduated with a 2.1 in BA Hons Design Photography. Since then I have had a number of exhibitions, FOTONOW selected me as one of 6 for the SWG Photo Prize, and Art-s-Talker have also chosen me as a featured artist on their 2010 e-Creative list of the top design graduates.

'APG Showcase' Pecorama, Beer: 10 - 24/10/13
'24 Photographers' White Space Gallery, Axminster: 9 - 26/02/11
Plymouth Arts Center, Plymouth: 23/10/10 - 23/12/10
'North East from South West' Crocus Gallery, Nottingham: 2 - 12/11/10
'FOTONOW, SWG Photo Prize' Vyner Street Gallery, London: 4 - 10/10/10

Wednesday, March 19

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Thursday, January 31


 Recently I've been been working alongside a new animal welfare group. Saints Sled Dog Rescue are a welfare group specifically geared up to help owners of, and rescue Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes. Recently these dogs have been becoming increasingly popular pets, no doubt owing to their beauty, and films like '8 Bellow'. you have probably seen more of them around too. However these are not the easiest breed of dog to keep by any stretch of the imagination. Whilst in the long run keeping a sled dog can be immensely rewarding, their more demanding requirements and lack of understanding of the breed by the owners, leads many of these poor pups find their way onto the streets, into rescue centers and to the pound, where they are often destroyed. SSDR are here to help find these poor K9s new forever homes, meanwhile educating the general public so that fewer sled dogs end up homeless.

Facebookers please take a moment to visit the SSDR page at:

Everyone else, the web page for the SSDR is under construction but as soon as it is posted I will add it to my page.  

Friday, September 14

I have 3 new shoots to upload from over the last month. stay tuned!

Monday, May 21

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Mad Hatter 2.0 at the Holly Bush in Cradley Heath, Birmingham 4/5/12

Monday, August 29

A painting I did a few years back that I had forgotten about. Ill try and get a better photo of it soon.

Saturday, August 20

some concept work....

Final piece in progress, watch this space!

 VANADIUM at Surface Unsigned at The Fleece in Bristol.

I thought I'd try my hand at a bit of painting

decided to pick up a paintbrush for the first time in about 6 years. The camera has washed the colour out a bit but you get the idea ;). (acrylic on canvas)

Monday, April 18

Cavern Shoot

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Vier, Mad Hatter 2.0, MyDeprivation and Orestea at the Cavern.
Really bad lighting at this venue, this shoot was hard work to say the least. I'm pleased with the results considering. 

To book me to photograph a show or event, or for promotional photoshoots please e-mail me at:

Please check these bands out, they all put on an exceptional show!
Mad Hatter 2.0:

Wednesday, March 23

Looking for new projects...

I'm always looking for new projects. If you’re looking for a photographer then please drop me an email. 
I am available for the following:

*Live music and special event photography  
*Photographic/Mixed media work for books CDs and Vinyl. 
*Shoots for poster and media promotion 
*Single project commissions 

please get in touch if what you are after doesn’t fit into one these categories, I have a wide variety of skills in varying art and design based disciplines and I would be more than happy to discuss any new projects with you.       

Friday, February 18

24 Photographers.

24 Photographers is an exhibition at White Space Gallery in Axminster Devon, featuring 24 photographers from around the world. please take a look if your local. It is running between the 9th and the 26th of Feb. 

Tuesday, January 4

Blues in Devon CD Cover

Cover image for Bunker Studio's (Honiton) blues showcase CD featuring over 20 artists recorded in just 1 day.

Monday, November 8

Monday, September 6

Anxious Places

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'Anxious Places' is a continuation of 'Thinking Space'. It explores our physical and emotional responces to stressful environments. The series utilises the colour red which has been recorded to provoke similar chemical and emotional effects to those experianced by those suffering from anxiety.

Friday, September 3

Thinking Space

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'Thinking Space' is a series of small scale constructions in paper. It explores the psychological state of automatism in which the brain is reduced to a form of auto pilot in familiar situations during times of high physical or emotional stress.

After René Magritte's 'Listening Room'

Still Lives : medium format film

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Thursday, September 2

MyDeprivation CD Artwork

Prison Cell

This is a small model no more than 30 cm tall lit and 
photographed in the studio.  
Please click to enlarge.