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I am a friendly and enthusiastic artist, aiming to deliver innovative and concise solutions to any brief. I strive for quality with each project. I understand that every client has different requirements which I endeavor to make my priority. Each project is methodically planned. I pre-empt most problems, allowing me to work efficiently. My work is bold and inventive and my subject matter broad. I frequently combine other disciplines with photography. I believe that this leads to a more unique and flexible creative voice.

I graduated with a 2.1 in BA Hons Design Photography. Since then I have had a number of exhibitions, FOTONOW selected me as one of 6 for the SWG Photo Prize, and Art-s-Talker have also chosen me as a featured artist on their 2010 e-Creative list of the top design graduates.

'APG Showcase' Pecorama, Beer: 10 - 24/10/13
'24 Photographers' White Space Gallery, Axminster: 9 - 26/02/11
Plymouth Arts Center, Plymouth: 23/10/10 - 23/12/10
'North East from South West' Crocus Gallery, Nottingham: 2 - 12/11/10
'FOTONOW, SWG Photo Prize' Vyner Street Gallery, London: 4 - 10/10/10

Monday, September 6

Anxious Places

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'Anxious Places' is a continuation of 'Thinking Space'. It explores our physical and emotional responces to stressful environments. The series utilises the colour red which has been recorded to provoke similar chemical and emotional effects to those experianced by those suffering from anxiety.

Friday, September 3

Thinking Space

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'Thinking Space' is a series of small scale constructions in paper. It explores the psychological state of automatism in which the brain is reduced to a form of auto pilot in familiar situations during times of high physical or emotional stress.

After René Magritte's 'Listening Room'

Still Lives : medium format film

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Thursday, September 2

MyDeprivation CD Artwork

Prison Cell

This is a small model no more than 30 cm tall lit and 
photographed in the studio.  
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Live Music Photography

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Portraits from various projects.

Convict Grade

This image has been published on the cover of the novel Convict Grade by Azrael Paul Damien. Available from Amazon and

War Games

A photo documentary about Airsoft
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Wednesday, September 1


A project based on the story 
of Icarus and inspired by 
'The Melting Point of Wax'
by Thrice.

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